Auto Detailing Packages


River Ridge Motorsports is Ceramic Pro Winston-Salem. River Ridge Motorsports has set the standard for auto detailing in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas for years. When it comes to making your car look and feel it’s absolute best, it’s all in the details. Have you fallen out of love with your vehicle? That’s what we are here for. Do you feel like you just can’t get your car clean enough? We can get your car show ready! At River Ridge Motorsports, we pride ourselves in using the best tools and products available so that you are absolutely satisfied with our work.

At Ceramic Pro Winston-Salem, we are passionate about keeping cars meticulous and beautiful. Detailing is the foundation of all car care. Preserving the look of your paint is essential in maintaining its value. Here, we treat each car like it’s our own. This means that we are not happy until we achieve perfection! We offer a variety of detailing packages for cars and other vehicles. We truly have something for everyone and every budget. Nothing feels better than sitting in a car that shines and smells like it’s brand new. So much goes into the process of auto detailing, auto detailing isn’t just a simple car wash and interior vacuum. Below you’ll find a brief description of our detailing packages, please click on them for in-depth information.

The best way to protect your investment!

Paint Correction

This package all depends on the initial state of your paint and what stage of paint correction you desire. We wash and decontaminate your paint before you buff out your swirl marks.

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Wash & Clay

This package includes a deep cleaning indoor car wash, clay bar and paint decontamination. We remove contaminants caused by airborne pollutants like acid rain and industrial fallout.

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Interior Detail

This package includes an interior vacuum. We then do a shampoo of seats, carpets, and upholstery. We steam clean the interior and finish it off with Ceramic Pro Textile, Leather, and Plastic if desired.

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Chip Repair

This package includes paint mixing, filling, and wet sanding and buffing. It all depends on the size of the chip!

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