Ceramic Pro Residential


Home Ceramic Coating

Home ceramic coating is something that has been emerging over the past year or so. Once you see how well ceramic coating protects your vehicle, you will wonder why you never thought to protect your entire home with it. Basically, you can coat almost any kind of surface in your home. It is really good for high end marble or granite countertops. What you are doing is preserving the surface underneath it. What happens with a ceramic coating is that you are sealing off the pores in your countertop surface, protecting them from kitchen debris and offering some scratch resistance.

In addition to the added protection, you are also making things much easier to clean. We can also protect your stainless steel appliances with ceramic coating as well. Not only will your appliances be easier to clean, but they will be fingerprint resistant. Protect your expensive appliances from your kid’s handprints and other messes with Ceramic Pro 9H. Not only can we protect the inside of your home, but we can also protect your outdoor grills and kitchens as well. They are sitting out in the weather all day, everyday. Covered or not covered, they still take a beating. We can put coatings on your outdoor grill area and keep things looking like new and much easier to clean. River Ridge Motorsports can help you protect your biggest investment of all!


  • Easy-to-clean
  • Excellent durability
  • Keeps fibers clean
  • Reduce aging
  • Repels spills and stains 
  • Safe for human health and environment 
  • Super hydrophobic effect
  • Thermal resistance
The best way to protect your investment!